What is SAMS?

Smart Alert Management System

For any business, data is everything

For any business, not just warehousing, data is everything, it has fast become one of the most valuable assets a business can have. If you use it right it can drive the right behaviour in your business and help you work smarter not harder.

There are so many ways you can use this data,
but more importantly you need to provide 3 things:

Step 1

Build the data so that it’s easy to understand and makes sense

Step 2

Allow the right people easy access to the data that is relevant to them

Step 3

Alert users when a piece of crucial data becomes available

How Do Mobastir Help?

We have developed our own tool called SAMS [Smart Alert Management System], so that with basic skills or with our help we can begin to build your own data visuals. From nice, easy to understand dashboards or customised menus on your mobile phone, to sending alerts via push notification or email when a data trigger occurs.

We make sure that data is available for you and more importantly,
works for you as and when you need it.

Our software is user friendly, cost effective and will not only read from most data structures such as Excel or XML but work will with almost any application that uses a database.

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If you have any question on how SAMS could work for you, please get in touch today.