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Hi! I am Andy, the co-founder of Mobastir and I wanted to use this opportunity to tell you a little about whom we are and how we got here!

It was the summer of 2001 and I had just started my journey in warehousing and distribution. From picking packs of Belgium chocolates to managing teams in large retail warehouses to building continuous improvement initiatives, I had been in a myriad of roles and learnt a great deal about how operations worked and could be improved.

In 2013, I took the step to work on a project building a new warehouse management system, within 6 months I had started developing reports and building database programs.

I was amazed at how I was able to effect real change with clever data programming. I began writing data queries and reports and before I knew it, I had written the entire suite of reports and queries for all distribution sites in the company I was working for.

It was apparent that as soon as I was able to demonstrate this I was inundated with requests from the team to build a data query for this or the other… and therein lies the rub. The importance of data and being able to compile or build it in such a way as is crucial to making important decisions or informing strategy for all manner of activities.

To get to this data though it was always a costly and retrospective affair, outdated, printing sheets of paper and wasting time in front of the PC.

I wanted to be able to deliver this data in real-time, be able to set up customised profiles so users could be in any location in the business and get access to the data that mattered to them through their tablet or mobile phone.

At the time, I had looked at all manner of software suites on the market to be able to achieve this goal, but whilst there were a few similar solutions available, none really provided the kind of framework that I had in mind.

In 2015, I had moved into Consultancy and building warehouse management systems for some of the leading retails brands around the world.


I travelled extensively and the more I was exposed to these different organisations the more I realised that this problem was not just an isolated one.


Therefore, I took the decision to build my own software, finding solutions to all the bugbears that had previously frustrated me… and so Mobastir was born!

It was early 2016, and I’d set out to bring on board a business partner, someone who I’d worked with and knew I could trust. Greg, who had worked in a senior consulting position for over a decade, joined the business as a partner and co-founder, shortly after we got to work on planning and building our software.

In a short space of time we handpicked and assembled a development team and within 18 months had successfully built, trialled and implemented our software across six sites in Europe and in the US.

With all that said our Journey really has just begun, we have recently adopted a new business approach to take SAMS forward by innovating hand in hand with our customers to make sure what we build is relevant and has immediate impact. It’s a an exciting time of innovation for us and we’re looking forward to the years ahead!



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